Modern Rock Set

Lots of people might think DJ culture is simply about mind bending drugs, late nights, house beats, and dance floors.  But, they’d only be partially right.  Here’s a modern rock mix.  Rock ‘n’ roll was the first genre I locked myself into and one that I’ll always choose to listen to.  It’s a different kind of DJ mix, layering your snares drums is different in rock because of the structures; where house music’s four-on-floor style allows drum hits to be easily layered, rock isn’t as straight forward.  Furthermore, there’s a greater emphasis on the song’s lyrics.  Because of this, a cardinal rule in rock music mixing to keep your vocal verses away form each other, this means only one vocal track should ever be heard at a time.  (Actually, this is a good rule when mixing any genre.)

I’ll always be listening to rock music, so it was great to record this mix.  My favourite tune on this tape is Zela’s Hype’s “Quit Falling Down” for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, it’s a wicked tune, but I also like how close I am to the music.  Zela’s Hype is a great Van Isle band, I’ve been to lots of their shows, and even lived in the old house at 370 Selby after Cayer.  We all graduated at similar times from the same alma matar.  So there is a connection here that, like anything of worth, is hard to find in the mainstream.  Music, in my opinion, ought to be a village building phenomenon.  These are some of the reasons why Zela’s is my track here, but that’s not to take anything away from the other tunes on this tape; there are some serious bangers and mash on these plates.  Get some!!! Rock ‘n’ Roll will never die!!!


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