The Graduate DJ

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and some things have changed.  First, I’m going to grad. school – officially enrolled and classes have begun!  It’s one of the hardest things I’ve been challenged with; some of the teachers suck, and when we get past all the theory and class work and sink our teeth into our dissertation projects it’s going to get better.  It’s all consuming though.  I’m lucky enough this week to be on a reading week, so I’m making DJ mixes.

I’ve started working with DJ Bad Leroy.  He’s great in the studio and has quick moves, I’d say he’s the best DJ I’ve ever worked although he’s a dog.  I’ve also started back announcing my tracks in the online mix world; it’s really cool and I’m able to see many creative possibilities with the mic.  DJ’s have always made use of mic; it’s not just all about wobbly-basses and sounds designed for dance floors.  I’m maturing as a DJ and the back-announcement is my new frontier.

Life in my new town is challenging; I got evicted from my first sublease – no DJ Bad Leroys allowed.  What a mess.  And, like most DJ’s, I’m broke, but I just love developing creative content.  It’s gonna happen though, by this time next year I’ll have my MA and hopefully will be well employable.  I’d like to teach at the college level – I’ve got lots to share with younger students coming up.

Here’s a link to a chill and back-announced mix, check it out:

-Until next time


DJ T. & Bad Leroy



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