For my next trick, my little blog about my MA experience will magically transform into a little blog for me and me alone

Well, I think they are gonna give me an MA.  It got hairy there towards the end whilst my thesis was under peer scrutiny, I had to make some last minute additions and edits. I had to make a few last minute parties in order to engage a group of people (audience) on a larger scale, as opposed to the one-on-one type of collaborations I had been doing – this was the criticism.  In response the criticism, I made a party, DJed and engaged a large group of people in a TAZ space.  I defended the definition of what consists of a group by citing Bey’s Immediatist Potlatch.  Suffice to say, I’ve earned a master of arts; I used my technical craft of the DJ to explore the theoretical construct of Bey’s TAZ.  And I don’t want to talk much more about it.  I haven’t heard back from my faculty and I am assuming no news is good news, they were quick to point out mistakes in my first drafts, so I’m assuming not hearing anything means my thesis has been accepted.  Either way, I’m fucking happy it’s over.  (Yes, all my education, and I still like to swear.)

Moving on, I guess I’ll now use this blog to do just that – blog about things on my mind.

I’m psyched today because I got to send an invoice for my DJing services to York University.  I love getting paid for DJing.  I love DJing more, but getting paid for it feels great.  It was an OK set I played…I need to practice more though.  It was afternoon set, so there wasn’t much of a dance floor to pay attention to, which is kind of fine by me, because I like down-tempo sounds anyway.  I played trip-hop all afternoon.  It was a good little party.  I was able to connect with a few folks and hand out my business card.  People were mingling and digging my sounds.  I don’t mind afternoon affairs.

I’m trying to get to Maine for a gig in October.  But I have to update my passport first.  The timing will be close, I hope I can go down and play that party.  I guess my DJ goals now are to just play more and better gigs, I’d like to get into a festival next summer.  Also I’m still working on that EP.  In hindsight, I probably could have used graduate school in media production to produce this EP, alas, spilled milk.  But I’m about 45% finished that EP project, I wanna finish and move on because I’ve got the idea for me next set of recordings; it’s gonna be a concept album whereby the concept is living as modern day first generation immigrant, it is still very much in the pre-prod. phase.  As I said, I’m gonna finish this little EP I’ve been working on first – “DJ Tim & His Orchestra; An EP.”  I will do as much as I can do on the beds, and bring in some players to play some parts well beyond me but that I can hear.


Anyway, I’ve finished my MA.  And I’m still DJing.  But I wouldn’t wish Indie on anybody.  People who don’t know think Indie is simply a modern sound, however it’s a lifestlye; an independent lifestyle, an unsupported lifestyle.  And it fucking sucks to be out here unsupported having to do what you love as a craft.  As I said, I wouldn’t wish indie on anybody.  Everyone deserves a little support, even DJ Tim.


2 responses to “For my next trick, my little blog about my MA experience will magically transform into a little blog for me and me alone

    • Yooooo Nadeem, what a pleasant surprise to hear from you there…yes, this is a little blog I’ve kept since beginning our MA, since before starting actually, since application I think. But it’s now only a blog I do with no direction at all – like a “research blog” (Marusuya Broccoli).

      Hey we should get together during the holiday season, what are the Izhars doing for NYE? I am dog-sitting until Dec 30 – so I hope to party a little on NYE, that’ll be my celebration.

      Do you blog? Can I check it out? Thanks for your support, I am currently working on a collection of original material, but it takes some time…$$$ always is a challenge, I have to wait for Darsan to return from his trip so he can book the Ryerson studio for me 🙂

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