The Junction Skateboard Co., Est. 2014

I have two projects I want to get off the ground, again, cash flow is the only challenge worth considering.

The DJ Tim Mills & His Orchestra EP is coming along, I just need to hook further up with the players and pay them and record them. (Which reminds me, I need to think about I/O).  Then I can mix it.  Before I start thinking about post stuff, I want to get recording out of the way.  I’m going to try with Monty on drums, 1/2 of John Douglas rises once more.  The EP is happening but something else has started to bubble which is worthy of attention.

The Junction Skateboard Co., Est. 2014 is my 2nd and my investment idea – get 25 boards printed up, and try to huck ’em.  Have a contest, a few prizes, and a party.  I’d like to stay in skateboarding, however my body is done with tricking and anything but the lightest riding, ie: sidewalk surfing.  But I think I could direct all that stoked-on-skateboarding energy, and professional skill sets, to the operation of a boutique skate co.  I have the vision, the initial investment will be < $700.  Worst case scenario; I’ll have a job in skateboarding where I’m my own boss and that pays little.  It’s better than what I’ve got now in terms of work.  So, I’m going to go for it.  Nothing risked, nothing gained.  If anybody deserves to exploit skateboarding within a capitalist paradigm, it’s me.

I’ve got to talk to Elmo, once he gets less busy, about a kick ass drawing. 😉