I am going to lend my killer (jokes) deejay skills to a friend’s project, for lack of a better name, titled; Tooth.  It’s pretty cool.  I DJ rhythms and bass lines atop a pair Technic 1200 MK II’s with a DJ mixer older than me (ie: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/dj-mixer-citronic-CDM-7-2-/321101990932) whilst an electric blueser sings the blues, it’s a modern take on old music, I think.  But it’s different than being a ‘selectah’; musical cues, notes, count-ins, changes, etc. etc. are in the mix which requires me to think a little more like a turntablist, and I like that, even if I’m not a DMC champion.  It’s an avant-garde affair so it helps that the project is run by a brave musician from the blues vein.  It’s different than notes-on-a-page because they don’t teach deejayism in schools, Technics 1200’s on the back-line are just a different way to go, a newer way, and you need to brave on the frontier.  Practice feels like work but not like pulling teeth.




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