Love from The Underground

In the mainstream, radio DJ’s don’t write their own essays whilst they use their powered position to enable them to beat less powerful individuals.  Have you been following the Ghomeshi scandal?  It’s just one reason – among others – why I tend to turn my back on the mainstream.  All the same, we have to presume innocence until proven guilty, it’s a pretty important tenet in a functioning democracy.  However when a PR/crisis mitigation firm won’t touch the case (ie: Ghomeshi’s attempt to have Navigator Ltd go to bat for him) one assumes something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
Nonetheless, let’s let justice take it’s slow and winding course.  Actually, wait, before I move on, let me say this: “bollocks to those that say ‘if the women don’t come forward, then it can’t be true.'”  What a reductionist pile of pap that is.  Nonetheless, it’ll be a scandal and most of us will be glued to the story.  Guilty as charged!
However, in the midst of this mainstream debacle and in the underground, I released my second album this week.  It’s called ‘II’, and I met most, if not, all off of the goals I set for myself going in.  My first attempt left me wanting.  I stepped out of the DJ box and into the vocal booth a little, I recorded all of the guitars, and played all of the bass lines and keys parts on an 88-key midi controller.  It’s a 10+ track full length affair.  I would stand behind my work and I’m proud of it.  Though the budget was pretty tight, I did invest $57 000 dollars in student loans, and that helped in acquiring the knowledge I needed to get this project done.
I’ve started pre-producing a third album; I’d like to step a little further away from straight-ahead electronica and maybe try my hand at folk, (a la Billy Bragg), or even children’s music (a la Yusuf Islam.)  Shake it up a little, push the boat out, as it were.  Why the fuck not?
Here’s a link to ‘II’:

Love from The Underground,



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