This is not a Rant


If there is one thing the Internet can be counted on for, it’s providing us with endless, oftentimes ridiculous, angry-bordering-on-lunacy, rants.  It is a platform where people are free to spew hate-filled remarks, share cruel taunts and reinforce harmful stereotypes.  It is good old-fashioned bullying without any real consequences for the bully.

But when a friend of mine shared such a Facebook post a day ago and I discovered it on my feed, it distressed me more than usual.  Perhaps it hit too close to home (as an Immigrant who lived in Canada for over six years) or perhaps it burst my naive ‘All-Canadians-are-wonderful-and-accepting’ bubble.  Either way, it has stuck with me for an entire day so I need to get it off my chest.

This woman had posted a picture of a Sikh RCMP officer on her Facebook wall:

Sikh Man

Beneath it, she wrote (or rather raged):


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