Bucketseat – ‘Motor Royale’

Bucketseat’s Motor Royale was a great project.  For me, it was a real test of my audio engineering skill-set.  Though I hear things I would do differently on the recording, I am ultimately very proud of what was accomplished here; the budget was constrained but the final product suggests otherwise.  The planning for this album began in October 2009, and the album was released in the summer of 2010.  I internalized a lot of the nuances that go into producing media projects, there are many ends to tie up, even on a smaller productions like this one; an indie garage rock duo’s debut album.

The sound is raw and powerful.  The cover art was done by the drummer, I love it, it is a take on American Gothic and depicts the band’s two members.  Apart from digitally engineering this release, I also worked as a creative consultant on some of the aspects of design.   The credit on the liner notes reads:  Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Tim Mills.  I am very proud of my engineering and mixing work this album.  To bring this media product to fruition I worked as the audio engineer, digitally recording, mixing and mastering the audio.

A brief note on the vocal sound:

The vocal sound is so unpolished and rough.  This was the intent, we constructed a custom vocal microphone from an old rotary dial telephone, this what gives the vocals a unique rough edge to them.

Find the digital release of this indie rock EP album which I engineered here: http://bucketseat.bandcamp.com/album/motor-royale


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