In A Different Scale

‘In A Different Scale’ was a unique publicly funded project that explored the acoustic ecology movement.  To bring this project to fruition I digitally mixed the sounds engaged community members had recorded around the city and brought to the project.  Using professional audio tools and skills, I mixed and emphasized certain urban sounds creating a new local soundscape.  I was able to further hone my audio mixing techniques while cultivating new leadership skills.  I also maintained the database of community-user generated content.

This project began in October 2009 and wrapped with a public performance in June 2010.  The process involved weeks of pre-production meetings with the arts council and other funding bodies, weeks of engaging community members and gathering urban sounds, and finally the process required to incorporate those sounds into an audio mixing environment which could be performed.  The goals were to bring people together and enrich the community with new media – I think we were very successful.  The project culminated in a live public performance event.

As this was a BC Arts Council funded project, I also learned a lot about the public policy and funding perspectives.  The project was led and designed in a way aimed at bringing awareness in a community to a growing social movement; the acoustic ecology movement.  It was a unique and different project, and one that I thought was successful for a number of reasons; it was a media project that brought the community together around a new idea, thus a new way of knowing.


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