Other Works…

I will add other work and projects here as it happens… 🙂


Here is a creative audio work I produced intended to demonstrate my audio skill set for my Ryerson grad school app.  I play, perform, and record music, and get a lot of satisfaction from it.  Working with music and audio is a skill I have honed, and though my audio work comes with some ease now, it has been a professional pursuit of mine for over a decade.  For this piece I used a digital I/O mixer and recorded into Logic.  Surprisingly, I only used one mic for the project; I used a Sennheiser dynamic microphone to record all the parts, including the drums which I played myself.  After recording my audio, I edited my performance and mixed the recorded sound.  I’ve compressed all the tracks, this is simply the most effective way in terms of fidelity.  In the past, heavy signal processing, such as an array of compressors, would have been limited – thank you, Digital.  After tracking the drums, I embellished the groove with some virtual drum sounds laid on top.  I then sampled the strings from a very famous traditional soul tune, I used Ableton Live in a Rewire application to achieve this.  I also ripped a vocal sample from a TED Talks.  I am taking things from my culture, changing their context and re-releasing them as something new – this is fun for me.  After recording, sampling, and mixing my audio, I hosted my mix on my soundcloud account (http://soundcloud.com/djtimmills/).  This web service makes sharing large audio files simple.  As a working audio engineer and DJ, this is an invaluable service for me.  After hosting, I embedded the link here, onto my portfolio blog and published.  Most of the work came in the form of composing, tracking, and mixing, and took only about a week.  This of course doesn’t include all the learning I needed to accomplish in order to produce this.



Here’s a mix in response to The Modroom, check em’ out @ http://www.moodroomboogie.com/.  Dae-Yo and Zeeb are funkier than most.  For this tape I used Ableton Live’s The Bridge to rewire and record my Serato Live mix into the DAW for mastering.  DJ Tim set June 10th @ Maxwell’s on Elgin in Ottawa, spinnin’ the finest underground jams and hits.

Check out the mix here: http://www.mixcloud.com/JUSTICEforFROGS/armchair-raving/



This is an audio news magazine I co-produced and engineered for credit.  The issue covered here is the VIU budget cuts which resulted in a labour disruption.  Poignant still, I think, because of what’s going on in MTL.

We used handheld digital wireless mics, used the Logic DAW environment to edit, mix, and process audio systems.  We published and released the final work online.



Here’s a link to another blog project I executed for credit.  It’s all about New Social Movements, and how they must make use and master media frames as a tactic in order to be successful.




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