The Navigator – Feature Article Writer for University Newspaper

During my undergraduate degree I wrote for the school newspaper.  My first series of feature articles was modeled after Janet’s Flanner’s Letters From Paris; I studied abroad in Tokyo, and I wrote Letters from Tokyo; a bi-weekly feature article about my time in Japan for The Navigator, the school newspaper.  Letters from Tokyo inspired a third year writing project for The Navigator I titled The Mosquito Militia.  This was another travel feature.  I organized a group of avid moped drivers in order to explore Vancouver Island on a single moped’s tank of gas.  I would write about our trips for the school newspaper.

Writing for The Navigator was great.  I learned about the print media process, I improved my written communication skills in a creative way, and it was great to get paid to write too!  To bring these bi-weekly feature articles to fruition I worked as a writer, researching and writing to deadline while working with other creative professionals to get the specific issue to print.

I tried to fuse my articles for the newspaper with other projects I had already started, i.e: Justice For Frogs.  Here you can see the headline that matches my web project under the same name.

It’s nice to have these issues in my portfolio, I am a published writer.  But because I was writing from Japan and no back issues are kept, I am unable to obtain copies of Letter from Tokyo – this is unfortunate because I was really proud of doing media in Japan.


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