Topmen is the band I played in, an electronica-musical quintet.  The goals were to mould ourselves after influences like Daft Punk and pantomime acts.  It was quite a production and a worthwhile endeavour.  We had a 25ft dinosaur, and lasers; we billed our sound as “gentleman’s techno.”  It was a project without constraints whereby I learned a lot about a media production process.  I was responsible for mixing the sound, and using the computer as a musical instrument, sequencer and recorder.  There is a basic video, taken from our first show.  Our archived video footage doesn’t do the show much justice, like pantomime, it really was a production to be enjoyed live at one of the performances!

Check it out, here is our first recording and released single:

The creative vent this project provided was awesome, and it required that I take all aspects of my audio media craft to new levels.  It was inspirational and fun to be in this media project, here are some photos from some of the performances.  In order to bring this project to fruition I had to work on a team as  co-producer.  I took a role as a co-writer. I organized all technical sound needs with regard public performances and shows.  I worked with other professionals in booking appropriate spaces to perform the production.  I maintained sound equipment.  It was a hefty task but a worthwhile one.


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