Who’s Got Soul?

This weekly event provided residency for myself  as a DJ at a dance hall on the west coast.  I undertook producing this weekly event because I wanted somewhere to perform publicly as a DJ.  There was nowhere for me to DJ in Nanaimo so I started my weekly event at a local club.  I used ‘WGS’ to launch myself into better DJ gigs.  My regular residency DJ gig now is every Saturday.  ‘Who’s Got Soul’ however was a great project for me.  I wanted the design of the promotional work to reflect the sound the DJ’s spinning.  I think this brand cohesiveness could be essential for success in an integrated media industry.  The visual design of the project in this case needed to be analogous to the aural design I was going for as the DJ, and producer.  In order to bring this project to fruition I organized a venue for the performances to take place, I arranged for all technical and sound needs to be met, I managed and worked with a small team of creative personel, I worked with venue owners in order to promote the event, and otherwise managed the entire production.  It was a wonderful learning and  creative experience.  ‘Who’s Got Soul’ was an exciting weekly media event that provided a unique employment opportunity while I studied media at university.

*A brief note on John Douglas:  my middle name is John and my colleague’s middle name is Douglas,


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