Justice For Frogs

Justice For Frogs was my first attempt at Web 2.0 and producing a web project for myself.  It is a creative vehicle I used to teach myself about online design and content management systems.  I am happy with the knowledge and skill set I was able to acquire.  The site was a project designed to expose me to new skills and media creation techniques.  You can visit www.justiceforfrogs.com, I eventually applied the skills I learned with that web production to this portfolio.

To bring JFF to fruition I overcame many challenges, this was a project that spanned the better part of two and a half years.  I tied it to my education and used it as a digital media project for which I received credit.  I designed the look and feel of the website, and over saw the entire production.  I funded the website, I managed a team of creative contractors and professionals, I performed administrative and webmaster duties, I developed a working knowledge of content management systems, and I organized and promoted and organized live public media events in support of the website launch.  Working on the entire process, from the conception to the broadcast of a media product, exposed me to all of the stages in the line of production.

The website continues to be an evolving playful work in progress for me.  I am currently is a stage of redesign so the site is very dynamic as I will continue to try new ideas.  JFF2.0 will be coming soon, with an enhanced look and more acute creative focus. 🙂


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